These are some demos which run in the browser.

minirt Minirt

This demo started as a prototype of the 42 C raytracer project. The last thing I wanted was memory management getting in my way while learning the basics of raytracing. The repo with the C version can be found here. Besides being an excellent introduction to raytracing, this project also was a good refresher on vector maths, because as usual, the only thing the allowed graphics lib can do, is placing a point on the screen.

Major references for this project:

nurikabe Nurikabe solver

This is a highschool graduation project made with Eric Holzer. The original assignment was in Python, and I wanted a slicker web GUI instead of the tkinter one. Nurikabe could be described as sudoku’s cousin. This solver uses backtracking (fancy word for bruteforce) with some optimizations. The web demo has a neat ‘Steps’ switch which allows to see the program take different paths searching for the solution.

fdf Fil de fer

This is my first 42 graphics project, a wireframe rendering of a heightmap. Like minirt, the web demo was also born to prototype code in JS. The repo with the C code and built binaries can be found here. This project gave me a hands on approach at the maths behind 3D projection. This project also introduced me to building portable C apps with make.